Christie’s Hong Kong announcing The Ratnaraj Ruby

October 2016

This autumn Christie’s Hong Kong will continue its long tradition of presenting the world’s most coveted and record breaking rubies at auction with the unveiling of the tremendous Ratnaraj Ruby. With the ruby’s significant size, illuminating redness and flawless crystal structure, it is deservedly named ‘Ratnaraj’ or ‘King of Precious Stones’ in ancient Sanskrit.

The Ratnaraj: A superb 10.05 carats Burmese Pigeon's Blood ruby ring By Faidee
The Ratnaraj: A superb 10.05 carats Burmese Pigeon’s Blood ruby ring By Faidee

Burmese rubies in recent years have been generating fervent bidding in auction rooms around the world, with the most perfectly and highly saturated rubies referred to as ‘pigeon’s blood’. Only those rubies of exceptional saturation and natural red fluorescence can be deemed as ‘pigeon’s blood”, and it is particularly rare of a ruby of this quality to appear in over 5 carats.

The Ratnaraj ruby originates from no other than the extraordinary Faidee, a name that equates to the rarest and most incredible gemstones, with its founder affectionately referred to as ‘King of Burmese Rubies”. Known for their trophy collection of exceptionally high quality rubies, only a few appear on the market, with the Ratnaraj being one of these scarce stones radiating in exclusivity and opulence. Presented as the final lot in The Magnificent Jewels sale on 29 November, it will not only be a highlight of the sale but also of the season as collectors are presented with this privileged opportunity to collect the rarest of all gemstones.

Date: 29 Novermber 2016

Location: James Christie’s Room, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, No.1 Expo Drive, Wanchai.