Brooch by Master Exclusive

Brooch Pendant Yellow Gold 750, green tourmaline 9,86 ct, diamonds, green diamonds, rubies, pink sapphires, demantoids, green, pink and blue tourmalines by Master Exclusive.

Brooch by Master Exclusive

Master Exclusive are extraordinary crafters of fine jewellery, where fantasies come alive, founded out of perestroika in 1993 quickly achieving an enviable reputation amongst its peers.

Inspired by the beauty of nature all around us, crystal clear drops of rain, the rays of the morning sun, delicate flowers, wings’ of dragonflies, butterflies, birds and beasts. Master Exclusive are renowned for working with enamels, breathing life into the jewellery with colours and joy. Over the past few years, the brand has refined its technology which has enabled it to produce some of the finest jewellery in Russia.
At the heart of each unique piece, hand selected stones are cut to the most diverse shapes. Precious diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, topaz the beauty of London Blue, tourmalines, opals, pearls and baroque whole palette of natural quartz.

A variety of materials and the creative imagination of the artist produces an original and distinctive collection: loose gemstones disclose petals of exotic flowers, sparkling facets freeze the sweet flavour of fruit and berries, shiny precious scales of inhabitants of the deep sea and the shimmering bright plumage of tropical birds, gives each piece pride of place in our collection.

The birth of each piece begins with the artist sketch, the best are selected and matched with exotic stones then modelled on 3d computers. In this virtual world the artist can really create, swapping colours and materials to create the perfect balance. The model is then translated into a wax, which becomes the mould for casting the precious metal. Modern technologies have opened a new world for the artists of Master Exclusive, allowing them to revel in their imaginations and create these fine works of art. See Highlight[email protected]