Carrera y Carrera pays tribute to the Andalusian horse

August 2013

Magnificent works of art inspired by the elegance and majesty of the horse.The Purebred Spanish horse, emblematic, beautiful, proud, dependable, brave, and admired all over the world for centuries. This is the Andalusian horse, an animal with thousands of years of history, and today, the devotion continues stronger than ever. Carrera y Carrera pays tribute to this majestic animal as the protagonist of its new collection, Ecuestre.

Manuel Carrera, master goldsmith and founder of the firm, has infused these creations with the personal style that has transformed the jewelry brand into a worldwide benchmark. Passionate about the equestrian world, he has imbued each piece with his unique flair, creating true works of art.

Carrera y Carrera introduces these magnificent pieces, exquisitely carved and detailed, true to the noble and impetuous curves of this beautiful animal. Gold, diamonds, and amethysts bring these creations to life. The characteristic matte-gloss finish of the gold enhances the lines, volume, and movement of this striking animal. The most authentic and traditional Spanish horsemanship combines with the expertise and craftsmanship of the master goldsmiths of Carrera y Carrera in these pieces.