Alice Sunderland launches Christmas Edition

December 2016

Alice Sunderland, the high-end jewelry brand well- known for crowning Everlasting Moments, present Noël, the Christmas edition of the Rainbow Collection. As with the other color themes of the Rainbow Collection, Noël consists of four 18 carat golden month rings, set with a row of stones. Each stone represents a day of the month in which the Everlasting Moment of the carrier is marked with a colored diamond. This gives the rings a personal touch.

Alice Sunderlandassociate the most wonderful time of the year with red (as in Santa Claus), green (as in a Christmas tree) and champagne (as in a delicious Christmas dinner). These iconic colors of Christmas are used in four magnificent 18 karat gold month rings.

Noël consists of the following variations:

  • Green garnets – 1 x White diamond
  • Champagne diamonds – 1 x White diamond
  • Intense green garnets – 1 x White diamond
  • Intense red sapphires – 1 x White diamond