Alice Sunderland - The autumn colors of Rainbow collection

November 2016

Days are getting darker, leaves are falling from the trees, lovely walks in the forest….. It is autumn! Unlike leaves falling from trees and eventually pass away, ’ Everlasting Moments ’ will never disappear. Everlasting Moments are the most beautiful moments in our lives, moments that we will cherish forever.

Alice Sunderland has captured ’ Everlasting Moments ’ around the world in the sparkling Rainbow Collection. Each ring from this collection consists of stones for the days of a month, in which it is possible to capture an ‘Everlasting Moment’ in a different color stone. After Soleil, the summer theme of the Rainbow Collection, Alice Sunderland has designed three lovely autumn themes!

Alice Sunderland’s autumn themes are based on three elegant and timeless colors: Purple, Brown and Green.


Theme Violet consists of four month rings, which are based on the color purple. In addition to diamonds, this theme also contains sapphires, in order to intensify the color purple.


Timeless elegance is captured in the theme Champagne. Champagne is based on the color brown.


Pomme exists of four sparkling month rings. This theme is based on the color green. Pomme exists besides diamonds also out of garnets.

The Rainbow collection is available at Alice Sunderland’s resellers.