Ladies Charriol Cup

June 2018

On Tuesday 12 June, the Ladies Charriol Cup took place at the prestigious Domaine Imperial Golf Club in Gland, Switzerland, for the second year running.

Ladies Charriol Cup @Victoria Jacober
Ladies Charriol Cup @Victoria Jacober

As a reminder, the Ladies Charriol Cup celebrates and rewards women at the top of their sport. These competitions were introduced by Marie-Olga Charriol in France (in Deauville, Chantilly, Megeve, Saint-Tropez and Monaco), in the form of all-female polo competitions. A Swiss edition will take place shortly in the grounds of the Domaine de Veytay in the Vaud countryside.

100 Ways of Love necklaces
100 Ways of Love necklaces

Marie-Olga Charriol, Director of Public Relations for the Geneva-based watch brand, welcomed the press at the event and addressed the competitors during the awards ceremony. A selection of Charriol jewellery and accessories (Celtic™ and Pont D’amour bracelets and 100 Ways of Love necklaces) were awarded to the 9 competition winners.

Celtic™ and Pont D'amour bracelets
Celtic™ and Pont D’amour bracelets

A reminder of the results:

  • 1st place (gross): Laure Bally Cergneux with 35 points
  • 1st place (net up to 18.4): Inge Wand with 36 points, 2nd Jacqueline Ritzmann, 3rd Hsuan-Ying De Sousa – both with 35 points
  • 1st place (net from 18.5): Jane Oppenheim with 38 points, 2nd Chantal Herzog, 3rd Maryse Reyneri – both with 35 points
  • Nearest the pin: Françoise Schenk (3.20m),
  • Nearest the line: Christine Béhar (1.32m)

The highlight of the awards cocktail party was the prize draw for a Colvmbvs™ Lady watch. Inspired by the legendary explorer Christopher Columbus, the Colvmbvs™ line embodies values that are very important to Charriol : discovery and entrepreneurship. With a sailing spirit in their DNA, these elegant Swiss watches showcase fascinating details from the maritime world. The crown, for example, is crafted in the shape of a clevis, an element borrowed from sailboat rigging. The case is decorated with a motif made up of interlacing triangles, recalling the points of a compass rose.


This model attracts attention thanks to its bright colouring, with an entirely prune-coloured bracelet and dial that evoke royalty and reflect the Charriol house colours. The lucky winner was Stella Hentsch, who went home on this memorable day with a remarkable new timepiece.