Mathon Paris - Ondine, simpleness and modernism

April 2017

For spring season 2017, the new collection Ondine is born, attributing to the timeless pieces Les Intemporelles by Mathon Paris.

Inspired by the natural form of water and the mythology story, the collection Ondine is endowed with a spirit of simpleness and modernism.

The name “Ondine” derives from the word “wave”. In the western mythology, Ondine were the nymphs living in the water, representing the beauty and the living force of the Nature.

The collection is available in white gold, yellow gold and rose gold, and diamond pavé as well.

A serie of gold rings is decorated with lacquer of colors from the spring - orange, red, blue and green. Discreet, elegant, the Ondine rings can be worn as single or combined together, as stack rings, to create a unique look.