Mathon Paris - The Jasmin Collection

May 2012

Over the ages – and over the legends- the jasmine has taken like a perfume of mystery and sensuality. Its Persian etymology stands for “God’s gift”; in the Indian mythology, Kâma, the god of love touches his victims with crystal arrows decorated with jasmine flowers. The story tells that Cleopatra goes to meet Marc Antoine in a ship perfumed with jasmine essence.

This heady flower with a touch of Orient symbolizes for Mathon Paris the feminine charm. The central piece of the collection, a large curved openwork pendant, recalls the shape of a moucharabieh, at the shade of which precious secrets are hidden. On the surface of the snood small flowers are floating like petals sailing on the wave. A pear shape diamond is standing underneath this garden, who is breathing in its reflections like a perfume of The Thousand and one Nights…