Morphée Joaillerie - “Artist-In-Residence” at William & Son

June 2016

Morphée Joaillerie will be featured as “Artist-In-Residence” at William & Son - and has launched for the occasion a new jewellery line inspired by the delicate blue flower: Forget-Me-Not...

William & Son has a particular and definitively British take on the finest things in life. Founded in 1999 by William Asprey, the boutique located on Bruton Street offers two floors of beautiful essentials and diversions for town and country living. Craft and craftsmanship is the foundation of everything that William & Son does; working with a new generation of artists, artisans and designer- makers, ensuring that traditional crafts not only survive but are re-invigorated.

This year, William & Son welcomes Morphée Joaillerie on board, headed by Pamela Hastry, certified gemologist and jewellery designer. With a desire to materialise precious moments, impalpable dreams and whispered wishes, Morphée has created a unique collection of jewelled pieces. Each jewel is hand-made and in limited editions, with only 7 of each piece made. Morphée creations wrap themselves around fingers and glissen on the body to dress it, whilst telling a story- however personal and confidential. For a year, William & Son’s customers have the opportunity to enjoy increased diversity and creativity in the choice of jewellery displayed and we hope that you will be part of the experience.

Morphée’s latest collection; “Forget-Me-Not” is inspired by the delicate and hopelessly romantic blue flowers that grow wild in the northern hemisphere. Symbolic of enduring love, in the 15th century it was supposed that the wearers of the flower would not be forgotten by their lovers.