Adaïr fuses elegant jewellery with calming mechanical games

June 2024

Adaïr fuses elegant jewellery with calming mechanical games

The young Swiss jewellery brand offers a unique concept in its creations, each incorporating a soothing game mechanism to promote concentration and serenity. The aesthetically pleasing jewellery is designed to conceal a mechanical game that one can play to relax and unwind.


ith their signature design, Adaïr’s jewellery pieces charm at first glance. No one upon seeing them would suspect the ingenious mechanism they contain. Yet, each Adaïr collection draws from the mechanical toys of childhood to create sophisticated jewellery with a true purpose: reducing stress by manipulating the jewellery.

Take, for instance, the ‘Collection A Brain Teaser Jewellery’, the first born of the Swiss brand Adaïr. It is based on the concept of a metal wire puzzle, offering a real puzzle to solve for the wearer. This activity, which takes just a few moments in a hectic day, allows one to pause, relax, and focus on a playful activity that reenergises and grounds the person, better preparing them to face the rest of their day. Incredibly sturdy and ingeniously designed, the pendant cannot detach on its own without human action. It can thus be worn daily without any fear, and its unisex elegance is as captivating as it is appealing.

Building on the success of the A Collection, Adaïr just launched the waiting list for its second collection, the ‘Collection I’, inspired from the concept of a spinning top. The ’Collection I’ ring features a rotary system that promotes relaxation through spinning. Its multiple facets, adorned with soothing materials that move with the motion, offer a discreet moment of serenity. Thus, from the concept of “fidgeting”, which consists of relaxing by manipulating small objects, Adaïr has created something unique in the world of jewellery.

Aesthetic and playful, Adaïr’s jewellery benefits from Swiss expertise in craftsmanship while only using ethical materials such as synthetic diamonds or Fairtrade 18-carat gold from Max Havelaar.

The name “Collection I” is thoughtfully chosen to represent two key concepts: inspiration and infinity. Firstly, “I” stands for inspiration, as the ring’s design is motivated by the calming act of taking a deep breath. The rotary system of the ring aids in framing one’s breath and guiding meditation practice, providing a gentle reminder to relax whenever and wherever needed. Secondly, “I” represents infinity, highlighting the limitless customisation options available. In the future, clients will be able to personalise their rings with a variety of colors and materials, including gems and diamonds, resulting in unique, bespoke pieces with endless possibilities.

One can now explore all Adaïr’s collections on their e-commerce platform or schedule an online appointment for a personalised presentation of their exquisite jewellery pieces.

A true alternative between major luxury brands and mass-market jewellery, Adaïr takes an unprecedented position that brings real added value to the jewellery landscape with a piece that is both beautiful... and beneficial!

Adaïr fuses elegant jewellery with calming mechanical games