Bucherer presents the Green Path Collection in unique emeralds

October 2023

Bucherer presents the Green Path Collection in unique emeralds

The masters of the ateliers at Bucherer Fine Jewellery have unveiled exquisite work crafted from timeless yellow gold and enchanting Colombian emeralds. To emphasise the exclusiveness of these breathtaking creations, the ateliers have carefully assembled a selection of 24 individual pieces.


olombia’s reputation as home to the world’s most beautiful and spectacular emeralds dates back centuries. The Chivor mines are known for producing the highest quality emeralds, characterised by their blueish-greenish tint. The Green Path Collection wonderfully showcases these gemstones with their fresh, clear colours.

At Bucherer Fine Jewellery ateliers, selected Chivor emeralds have been masterfully worked into breathtaking pieces of jewellery with 100% recycled 18K yellow gold. Understated in terms of their design, these precious pieces boast clean lines and shapes. Whether in the form of earrings, rings, pendants with necklace or the collection’s one-of-a-kind collier, all creations are centred around a mesmerising octagon-cut emerald. Details such as this choice of cut, the two chosen raw materials and the elaborate manufacturing techniques are what give the collection sophistication and elegance, all whilst maintaining its beautiful simplicity.

While they can’t compare to the purity of other gemstones, emeralds are characterised by their many subtle growth characteristics and extremely interesting inner life. Thanks to their various inclusions – also referred to as jardin – each emerald clearly stands out as a unique entity. The bright colour of Chivor emeralds makes this even more apparent. Such inclusions not only create beautiful patterns and shapes, the multi-faceted inner workings of these special gemstones are also a testimony to their authenticity, grant them a uniqueness and provide information about how they came to be.

This is all impressively demonstrated by The Green Path Collection’s highlight piece. Exuding pure and timeless elegance, this stunning collier is a true masterpiece. For this one-of-a-kind item, a radiant, bright emerald with a particularly fascinating growth characteristic was chosen as the centre stone. The distinctiveness of the emeralds underscores the uniqueness of both the collier itself and the collection as a whole.

The Green Path Collection marks Bucherer Fine Jewellery’s first use of both digital and physical trackers. This involved providing all emeralds with the so-called Emerald Paternity Test. The test allows all information regarding the origin of the gemstones to be stored using nanoparticles with an artificial DNA core. In addition, each emerald received a digital twin on the blockchain platform provided by the company Provenance Proof. This gives buyers an overview of the history and origin of the gemstone as well as background information on how the purchased piece of jewellery was made. At the same time, the digital twin also serves as a certificate.