Bulgari unveils Aeterna High-Jewellery Watches 2024 Collection

May 2024

Bulgari unveils Aeterna High-Jewellery Watches 2024 Collection

In the year of its 140th anniversary, the Roman jeweller has crafted an exceptional selection of high-jewellery watches. Showcasing the magnificence of gems, the new line is an ode to the maison’s ability to embrace the past, forge an exciting present, and envision a future of eternal beauty.


urtured by passion and imagination, the Aeterna collection, which includes an exceptional selection of high-jewellery watches, celebrates Bvlgari’s unique cultural heritage. By drawing inspiration from the Eternal City of Rome, the collection sublimates the magnificence of gems.

With a constant eye towards the future, Bvlgari demonstrates its pioneering spirit by constantly exploring new materials, crafts, and techniques.

Showing its ability to interpret the spirit of each era, Bvlgari seamlessly connects past, present and future, delivering the most outstanding creations, encompassing time, while exuding a profound sense of eternity and timeless beauty.

Bvlgari’s unparalleled creativity and craftsmanship, showcased in the Aeterna High-Jewellery collection, meets Swiss watchmaking expertise in a new line of high-jewellery watches designed to amaze.

Bulgari unveils Aeterna High-Jewellery Watches 2024 Collection

Bvlgari celebrates its 140th anniversary with “Fuochi D’Artificio”, a collection of the most stunning timepieces reflecting the joyful atmosphere of a starry Italian summer night, lit up by vivid fireworks. Radiant motives, vibrating with a burst of colours, are obtained through the daring combination of precious and color gemstones, matched with different metals, from pink and white gold to titanium and platinum. Flexibility and dynamism are infused into the watches, all equipped with the Piccolissimo mechanical micro round movement - the smallest round mechanical movement on the market.

Brilliance and sophistication find a perfect balance in the Fuochi D’Artificio High-Jewellery Manchette, which required more than 1,450 hours to be completed. Portraying an explosion of bright fireworks in the sky, this irresistibly precious watch features a semi rigid cuff in rose gold and blue titanium which enhances the color of the sky and contrasts with the dark onyx. A sweeping variety of colourful gemstones are carefully selected and combined with the most sparkling diamonds and hand-cut and polished onyx inserts. The result is an extraordinary ode to joy, further exalted by the dynamism of moving elements.

Bulgari unveils Aeterna High-Jewellery Watches 2024 Collection

From a central round-cut ruby, an explosion of pear-shaped colourful gemstones and round-cut diamonds radiates in the Fuochi D’Artificio High-Jewellery Petite Watch, a secret watch with a semi-flexible cuff. Expression of its utterly daring spirit, Bvlgari combines precious gems with inserts of aventurine, a translucent glass with sparkling inclusions of copper, invented in Venice in the 15th century.

Since its foundation, Bvlgari has always found inspiration in the eternal city. In keeping with its Greek and Roman roots the maison celebrates some of the most iconic mythological animals, unveiling the “Animali Fantastici” collection, a tribute to ancient history and culture.

The ancient Greeks and Egyptians described a mythical bird called the Phoenix, a magnificent creature that was a symbol of renewal and immortality. Representing power and the emperor during the Roman Empire, phoenixes were found on coins, their heads haloed by a solar crown. The bird was chosen by Bvlgari as a potent icon, reflecting its splendid heritage and its ability to continuously be reborn and transform itself.

Bulgari unveils Aeterna High-Jewellery Watches 2024 Collection

Bvlgari Watch Division Creative Director Fabrizio Buonamassa Stigliani wanted to celebrate eternity with a mythological animal, a breathtaking work of art that required over 3,000 hours to be finished. With the absolute masterpiece Fenice High-Jewellery Watch, the Roman maison reaffirms its position of master of coloured gemstone. Bvlgari selected over 160 carats of strikingly beautiful stones, including blue, pink and purple sapphires, amethysts, rubies, pink garnets, tanzanites, iolites, aquamarines and diamonds, to create an incredible degradé effect in a color palette, spanning from blue and red to pink and purple. This secret watch reveals an exceptionally rare central 9.78-carat Paraiba tourmaline, that hides the watch dial. The delicate and dashing mobile feathering embraces the wrist thanks to a unique openwork construction allowing the bird to spread its wings and fly away. In this timepiece, the splendid Phoenix is surrounded by spikes, that symbolise the light of the resurrection enhancing the creation’s unparalleled sparkle, which was inspired by Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s altarpiece located at the Roman church of Santa Maria della Vittoria.

The glorious Phoenix with its prominent extended wings, numbed during re-birth, is also the protagonist of the sensational Fenice Octo Roma Secret Watch. This genderless pair watch is adorned with brilliant-cut blue, purple and pink sapphires, as well as aquamarines, rubies, and amethysts. White and pink gold spikes enrich this stunning creation, which features a blue alligator strap and hides an ultra-thin manual winding mechanical movement with flying tourbillon.

The word “chimera” refers to an unattainable dream and is the synonym for “utopian”. Serpenti Misteriosi Chimera refers to the divine creature, initially described by Homere in the Iliad. This fantastic animal was combining the body parts of two emblematic animals in the history of Bvlgari and Rome: the signature snake and the iconic lion, symbols of rebirth and eternity for the former, and of courage and determination for the latter. A sinuous white gold snake with diamond and emerald scales wraps around the wrist culminating with two heads, one of a snake, and one of a lion, - this last one inspired by a Bvlgari archival piece dating back to the Fifties. The head of the snake hides the smallest round mechanical movement ever made, Piccolissimo – a jewel in a jewel.

Bulgari unveils Aeterna High-Jewellery Watches 2024 Collection

The snake, considered an emblem in the world of Bvlgari, embodies rebirth and metamorphosis in the most captivating manner. In the year of the Dragon, we see the snake transform into the grand mythical creature, which is the main figure of this Serpenti Misteriosi Dragone. The new interpretation of the snake/dragon-shaped watch is a nod to the historic one created for Elizabeth Taylor when she played Cleopatra in Rome’s Cinecittà studios in 1962. Just like the heritage piece from the sixties, the snake’s body is made with a tubolari bracelet, and its head is set with a wave of splendid baguette cut diamonds.

Featuring the tiny Piccolissimo movement, this outstanding watch, which required over 960 hours to be completed and reveals 32 carats of meticulously selected stones, unveils carefully studied proportions, making this statement piece both bold and ultimately elegant. Just like the Heritage Serpenti, the watch can be worn on both wrists as the direction on the dial is reversible by turning the removable movement by 180 degrees.