Louis Vuitton Spirit Chapter II

February 2023

Louis Vuitton Spirit Chapter II

First unveiled in June last year, Louis Vuitton’s Spirit high jewellery collection continues its odyssey into the next and final chapter, featuring 30 unique pieces that pulse with a distinctive graphic energy and the iconic codes of the Maison, embodying the emanating strength of the Louis Vuitton woman.


pirit is the fourth high jewellery collection designed by Francesca Amfitheatrof, Louis Vuitton’s Artistic Director for Watches and Jewellery. Francesca Amfitheatrof has always believed that jewellery and its wearer are inextricably linked. “I don’t think anything else in the world has the power to hold the spirit of the person so much as jewellery does,” she said.

That ethos continues in Spirit Chapter II, where masterfully executed creations channel the singular design codes of the Maison – and which, like Chapter I, are set across four universes that reflect the values of the house: Destiny, Liberty, Fantasy and Radiance.

A constellation of 10 strong yet feminine and delicate designs, Destiny is an ode to the ruby, in the most luminous, perfect red hue, with stones that seem to emit their own special power.

The Destiny universe is anchored in the geometric energy and symbol of the Louis Vuitton V, which channels the dynamism of the Maison, propelling its legacy and vision into the future.

Louis Vuitton Spirit Chapter II

The 34 rubies that suspend from a magnificent necklace took three years to source, each one perfectly matched in terms of colour, intensity and purity, and which culminate in a fiery and intense 3.13 cts pear-cut pigeon blood ruby that plunges from a LV Monogram Star cut diamond. The necklace is an assemblage of repeated Vs, while an interplay of triangles with small and large Vs follow the curve of the neck across three strands, a host of invisible links delivering supple articulation.

Like all creations in Destiny, the necklace comes in a yellow gold and platinum bi-colour pairing, adding depth, volume and contrast. The motifs go further in a second necklace: the double-strand design again architecturally accumulates V’s and triangles in a repeated construction, complemented by a yellow gold and platinum mix and sprinkled with six LV Monogram Flower cut diamonds, which all meet in a central pendant of a 3.26 cts pear-cut ruby. Elsewhere, a bracelet’s delicate lace-like pattern recalls the sumptuous padding found within an LV trunk and comes matched with a glorious open latticework ring. Finally, the V motif punctuates the earrings, from strong and linear drop designs to modern hoops that swing dynamically behind the ear.

Louis Vuitton Spirit Chapter II

The sense of freedom has been a guiding light for Louis Vuitton since the beginning: the freedom to explore and discover, to travel and expand one’s horizons, to boldly enter unchartered territory, both physically and metaphorically. The Liberty theme finds expression in an assemblage of seven creations that are uniquely crafted around custom-cut and LV Monogram cut diamonds, to construct a singular vision and unmistakable design language.

Just as in Chapter I, all the Maison’s signature codes once more unite in a single exquisite necklace: the Damier pattern juxtaposed with V-shapes, overlaid with hinge motifs from the iconic trunk – which are fashioned from more than 195 custom-cut diamonds, each one shaped and interlocked to converge into its final, unique pattern. Requiring more than 1,300 hours of work and set across a host of heights and forms for expert articulation, depth and suppleness, the armour-like necklace is topped with a rare 4.84 cts Colombian no-oil emerald and a 2.02 cts Monogram Flower cut diamond. Exceptional savoir-faire is again found in a bold medallion necklace that transforms into a brooch, while various earrings and a ring are also framed around custom cuts. Finally, an extraordinary trunk-style pendant necklace unlocks and expands, inviting one to discover the secret within.

Louis Vuitton Spirit Chapter II

Fantasy embodies the Louis Vuitton imagination and evokes the pioneering spirit of the Maison’s founder; one man’s creative genius and life-force to invent, dream and break boundaries. Such a singular vision centred on movement and expansion here finds expression in the chevron pattern, which is galvanised by the high shine of yellow gold Vs that intertwine with dazzling pave diamonds, which once more are arranged in a matching V motif. An interplay of dual colours and textures add contrast and depth, creating vivacious jewels with an intense and impactful, graphic design language.

Exemplifying this is the hypnotic two-strand necklace of interlaced Vs and chevrons, its incredible flexibility the result of exacting precision and hand craftsmanship. Two LV Monogram Star cut diamonds accent the necklace, which can be worn in three different ways. Elsewhere, a resplendent 15.31cts oval-cut yellow sapphire rests atop an exquisite cocktail ring of stacked yellow gold and diamonds, complemented with two LV Monogram Star cut diamonds. Repeated chevrons in varying size and height also make their way into delicate, stackable rings, as a pair of mesmerising stud earrings set two LV Monogram Star cut diamonds of over 1.55 ct each into a spirited swirl of yellow and white gold.

Since her very first Louis Vuitton high jewellery collection, Francesca Amfitheatrof has always imagined her creations as jewels of armour, a kind of protection that shields the woman’s identity and soul as she’s emboldened to courageously go forth.

An exquisite new Radiance necklace emanates an audacious energy of its own, its mirrored yellow- gold form bedecked with a geometry of pyramids, triangles and diamond paved V signatures – the strong, graphic design further fortified by a warm and sensual 17.48 cts Mandarin Spessarite garnet. The necklace is complemented by a five-strand cuff-style bracelet, while a set of ultra-modern and bold earcuffs propel the protection theme to new heights.

Made exclusively in the Parisian ateliers, the Louis Vuitton High Jewellery Spirit Chapter II collection rounds off the final chapter of Spirit, a singular and unique, high-impact collection – and the latest in Louis Vuitton’s High Jewellery offering that continues to go from strength to strength.