The Ribbon Collection by Fawaz Gruosi

April 2022

The Ribbon Collection by Fawaz Gruosi

Elemental yet polyhedral and often a discreet decorative detail that does not vie for attention, the Ribbon always manages to catch the eye. It coils around Venus’s cascading blond locks in Botticelli’s painting “The Birth of Venus” and can be found sculpted into shapely bows on Marie Antoinette’s numerous exquisite gowns. Brightly coloured ribbons captivate as they ripple and swirl, binding a gift box yet to be opened.


he gently curved ends of a ribbon, graciously caress each other as they meet with one end sinuously surmounting the other, forming the central theme of Fawaz Gruosi’s Ribbon collection. It is a seemingly simple shape brimming with beauty and crystallising a fleeting moment in the movement of a ribbon, which took Fawaz Gruosi’s Geneva atelier numerous hours of arduous work to perfect.

The collection comprises two earrings and five rings that all play on the Ribbon motive, with a mix of precious stones infusing new flavours into the contours of the original shape and weaving unexpected textures.

The Ribbon Collection by Fawaz Gruosi

Delicately embracing the lobe, with one end climbing the ear and the other gracefully grazing the cheek, the Ribbon earrings are available in white gold and rose gold and are set with 190 brilliant-cut white diamonds clustered on the edges and sprinkled here and there on the ribbon’s folds to accentuate the contours of the shape. The Ribbon earrings feel as ehteral as silk in this combination of precious metal and diamonds, becoming the perfect accessory to complement a look.

The clips are engraved with the Fawaz Gruosi signature, the initial F marking the earring that sits on the right lobe and G for the left one.

With voluptuous volumes and generous curves, the multifaceted character of the Ribbon motif finds full expression in a collection of five rings enveloping to finger with a tapered flourish. The rings are available in white and rose gold and set with diamonds, emeralds and rubies in a variety of enchanting combinations.

The Ribbon Collection by Fawaz Gruosi

Two rings, in white gold or rose gold set with diamonds clustered on the edges and sprinkled across the pleats, echoing the silky texture of the earrings, whilst another fully-paved diamond version evokes luxurious velvet, catching the light exquisitely along the curves and ripples.

There are two more variations of the fully paved diamond ring, with the edges of the Ribbon set with 153 brilliant-cut white diamonds, which gradually merge along the curves with either 279 brilliant-cut rubies or 279 brilliant-cut emeralds, elegant and precious colours adding a tactile warmth to the swirling movement of the design.