Alice Sunderland launches Everlasting Colour Collection

November 2015

High-end jewellery brand Alice Sunderland is famous for the calendar year rings with 365 sparkling diamonds. In these calendar rings every diamond symbolizes a day of the year. By adding a special coloured diamond to add a special moment of the carrier the Everlasting Moment is immortalized in the ring.

Alice Sunderland now starts a brand new line. Namely the Everlasting Colour Collection. In the Everlasting Colour Collection a special moment can be immortalized through calendar month rings. In this 18 karat gold rings, put in one row of stones, each stone represents a day of the month in which the special moment of the carrier takes place. On the Everlasting Moment a special coloured diamond is added in order to immortalize this moment. So each ring is very personal to the wearer.

At the base of this magnificent collection are four colour themes: orange, pink, blue and cognac. From these colours sixteen smashing combinations have been designed, which vary in colour intensity.

In addition to diamonds also sapphires are processed in the rings to increase the colour intensity, and to guarantee an optimal brilliance. Alice Sunderland about the new collection: “With the accessible Everlasting Colour Collection more people can immortalize special moments with my jewellery and rings and save to remember special moments.”